Winter sports with disability

Winter sports for people with disabilities


„Fun and Run on Snow“ in cooperation with Team ÖZIV Carinthia

In collaboration with Team ÖZIV Carinthia (The Carinthian Assotiation for People with Disabilities) the initiative „Fun and Run in the Snow“,

a day specially accustomed for people with disabilities, under the slogan: „It is normal to be different“, was launched.


Special sports equipment Monoski and Biski available

Thanks to the initiative and thanks to numerous donors,  ÖZIV Hermagor could purchase the first handicapped-accessible sports equipment

– a MONOSKI- which has been available since 2 years in our Sölle rental shop.

In winter season 2017 team ÖZIV could gather some more donations, which were used for the purchase of a BISKI.

The Mono- and Biski can be rented for 35€ ( for ÖZIV members) or 40€ (for non-members). A pre-reservation is necessary.

SWISS-TRAC – the new dimension of freedom for summer

The Swiss-Trac gives wheelchair users greater mobility and independence in their everyday life.
You can travel up to 30 km independently and overcome ledges and other obstacles without risk of tipping. The Swiss-Trac masters inclines and uneven terrain effortlessly, even with limited gripping function or poor arm strength.

The SWISS-TRAC can be rented for 25€ ( for ÖZIV members) or 35€ (for non-members). A pre-reservation is necessary.

Internationally qualified instructors

In 2016, some of our ski instructors joined international qualification training for disabled ski instructors, which they successfully completed last summer.

Therefore, we can now offer you, not only sports equipment, but also highly trained instructors for people with the following disabilities:


  • Monoski / Biski (physical disability)
  • visual impairment and blindness
  • hearing loss
  • mental disability
  • learning disability
  • chronical illnesses


Albert mit Monoski
Skirennen mit Behinderung
Skifahren mit Sehbehinderung
Sabine mit Biski
Swiss Trac

For further information, feel free to contact us:

Team Schneesportschule Nassfeld & Sölle Rental:

+ 43 4285 7100


Team ÖZIV Carinthia Hermagor:

+43 699 156 600 98


For more information about sports equipment we recommend the company Praschberger: