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Top Quality with the CSA Tuning Center and our professionally skilled service employees!







This machine and our „handy man“ in the central workshop in Tröpolach work for you like day and night, so that nothing stands in the way of your winter holiday…

1. Step:
A base structure, designed to suit the customer’s wishes and the snow conditions, is worked into the base surface. Pressure regulators ensure that a consistent coating (grind) is maintained from tip to tail. When viewed in cross-section, the base profile displays a vivid structure that results in optimal gliding qualities.
tft5p-detail-b2. Step:
To ensure the same prerequisites for both left and right turns, the edges on both sides must be perfectly matched. For this reason, our machines allow both side-edges to be tuned simultaneously. Not only that, our high-tech procedure is designed for individuality – that’s why the side-edge level is easily adjustable.
tft5p-detail-c3. Step:
The most critical step in the tuning process is the precision polishing of the base edges. A smooth and polished edge enables easy turning and good grip in all snow conditions.
tft5p-detail-d4. Step:
The finishing touch is a hard-wax polish that protects the base structure and maintains the surface’s smoothness, while also lengthening the life of the equipment.


We prepare all winter sports equipment with modern technology. Even overnight and express as well! Clear skies and powder snow make half as much fun when the equipment is not running smooth. Thanks to advanced technology, we were able to greatly reduce the service costs for skiing and snowboarding – and are happy to give this benefit on to our customers!

2020/2021 SkiSnowboard
Ski Childrens ski
till 130 cm
till 130 cm
Big serviceApplication of base material, rough grind,
base stone-grind with structure, side-edge grind
with state-of-the-art grinding wheel, side-edge tuning, deburring, waxing and polishing
Small serviceBase stone-grind with structure,
side-edge grind with grinding-wheel,
side-edge tuning,
deburring, waxing and polishing
Infrared WaxingWaxing and deep impregnation with infrared technology, polishing and brusching1291512
Express WaxingWaxing,

polishing + brushing

Service acceptance point:

Sölle Sport Tröpolach (Central Workplace)
Sölle Sport Sonnenalpe Nassfeld
Sölle Sport Sonnleitn