Sölle Depot at Nassfeld, fun on the slopes without dragging and lugging around equipment

  • No lugging around
  • No stumbling
  • No more cold boots

Every morning you are lugging all your ski equipment to the base station? And if you have children, you have to drag even more. After skiing you would prefer to do some après-ski, am I right? It is definatly a must-do on your austrian winter holiday. But what to do with all that equipment? Your feet are tired and you want to finally slip into comfortable shoes? The solution is very simple:

Sölle Sport offers a Ski Depot at the base station in Tröpolach. Just let us store your equipment after skiing and pick it up the next day before hitting the slopes again ! Enjoy the easy walking without having to be careful on your gear!

That is quite handy, don’t you think?

Store your equipment in your personal and lockable ski depot locker !
NTC Depot Lockers TröpolachLocker Nice Surprise Price with "Premium Card"
1 Night8,55,5
1 Week5133

How much equipment fits into a depot locker ?

Each locker has room for all equipment of 2 adults (skis/snowboards, poles, boots, helmets and backpack) plus additional children skis and boots.

Alternatively a locker can be used for 4 pairs of adult skis including poles (and there is still some room left for 2 helmets or a backpack).

4 adult snowboards fit in as well (with additional room for 2 helmets or a backpack).

Opening times

The cash register is opened daily from 8 am  till 5 pm.

With a valid locker-key (liftcard/keycard) you can access the depot room daily from 7.30 am till 8 pm. On the night skiing nights the depot room is accessible till 10 pm.

On the day of departure, your locker can only be opened until 5 pm!

How long is one night locker rental ?

When you rent a locker before midday, you can access the locker till the next day midday (24 hours). If you would like to access the locker till afternoon (5 pm), an extra half day is charged.

If you rent a locker after 2 pm, the locker can be used till the next day 5 pm in the low season, till 2 pm in the high season.

How can I rent for multiple days/nights ?

If you rent a locker for multiple days, you can access the locker on your departure day until 5 pm in the low season and untill 2 pm in the high season, it doesn’t matter whether you rented it on the arrival day before or after midday.

Do I need to reserve?

A reservation is not necessary (and not possible). You can only book a locker directly at the cashier desk in our Depot room between 8 am and 5 pm. Please inform with your hotel if they have already arranged lockers or discounts.