Blue Day | Fun Box


Looking for snowfun?

Try trending sports like Snow Tubing, Snowbike, Skifox, Cross Country and Laser Biathlon?


  • Zipfl Bob
  • Snowskate
  • Snowscooter Bambini
  • Hammerhead
  • Mountainroller
  • Rodel
  • Snow Trikke
  • Skifox
  • Bike Board
  • Hamax Snowsurfer
  • Snowter
  • Mountaincart

You need

  • NO own equipment
  • NO previous experience
  • NO stamina

Want to try something new, trendy an cool? What about Tubing, Snowbike, Zipflbob or Skifox?

At the „Blue Day“ Area near the Tressdorfer Alm, you can try these and many more cool sport arts! You don’t need to bring a lot of courage and stamina, as all this sport equipment is easy to use! The specially constructed and secure „Smart Terrain“ is the ideal place for trying the newest trend sports. Not only heaps of innovative sports equipment here, but also a place to get to know new people and a „cool“, dedicated team that shows you how it works.

Location: Blue Day Area is near the Tressdorfer Alm. The „NTC Fun Box“ and „Beginner Area“ are located in Tröpolach, behind the Millennium Express Base Station.

When: On request we can organise a Blue Day „Test it“ event at the Tressdorfer Alm, during normal lift operating hours (from 9 am to 4 pm). At the Beginner Area in Tröpolach we can organise Snowtubing or a Minibobrace, after standard lift operating hours. On request only.

Blue Day Test itAdultYouth 15 - 18 yearsKids till 14 years
1/2 Hour Test It
1 device
2 hoursTest It
1 or more devices
All day*19,-14,-12,-
Snow Tubing only1/2 hour 5,-
*You can use the Snowbike and Skifox in the whole ski area Nassfeld.
These devices are also available for rent at the middle Station Tressdorfer Alm.

All Prices in Euro inlcuding taxes.


The new snow sports practice area is located in Tröpolach right next to the valley station of the Millennium Express. You can organise the necessary equipment at the „Fun Box“.

Nordic Competence Center

The Nordic Competence Center at the base station of the Millennium Express has a practice trail and a new laser-biathlon shooting range. A skischool to learn cross country skiing properly is located right next door. Cross-country equipment can be rented directly at the „Funbox“. With the availability of the snowmaking facilities on the exercise trail, the biathlon shooting range and track, skischool and cross-country equipment rental, everyone can have its first go at cross country and biathlon.

  •  laser-biathlon
  •  Beginner track
  •  cross country equipment rental
  •  cross country ski lessons

Beginner Area

The aim of the Beginner Area is to give beginners a practice area where they can learn the first turns on skis or snowboard, and also to give the young at heart a place to have fun on the snow (see Blue Day). NTC Sport Solle ensures that you have an easy place for your first atempts on the snow.

Ski & Snowboard beginner area

  • Snowshoeing
  • Snow tubing, snow biking, Zipflbob and much more with „Blue Day“

You need a valid lift ticket to access the „Beginner Area“ (not included in „Blue Day“ price). Single tickets can be purchased at the Funbox.

Equipment Beginner Areahalf daywhole day
Cross country equipment9,-12,-
Cross country equipment + Biathlon shooting range15,-18,-
Only Biathlon shooting range6,-6,-
Snowsoeiing gear9,-12,-

All Prices in Euro inlcuding taxes.