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Atomic Backland Carbon

The new Backland boots make touring much more efficient and a better experience for everyone – pros and rookies alike. What makes them really stand out is the way they move: they offer an impressive range of motion that feels so natural, it’s epic. Like the leading touring boots they are super light, with the Backland Carbon Light weighing in at just 987 g.

Available at Sport Sölle in Tröpolach !

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Fischer Vacuum Fit

No more achy ski boots!Fischer Vacuum Fit Station

Fischer’s Two Zone Vacuum Fit gives the ski boots a 100% custom fit that provides you with maximum performance. The two separate vacuum zones offer a unique boot fitting experience. During the vacuum process, the pressure to each zone is separately controlled allowing for an exact fit to the entire forefoot, ankle and lower leg.

No ski boot manufacturer on the planet can offer such customization and guaranteed performance.

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