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Book a Guide“ and discover the wild border area of Italy , Austir, with an expereinced guide of NTC Sport Sölle. Your guide, your expereince!

Single Trails Nassfeld

In the pristine wild border area of Austria and Italy, there are still many single trails to explore or rather, to discover. In May 2017, Christian Sölle started to revive unused hiking and shepherd’s trails on the Italian side of the Nassfeld. With only small interventions in the natural state of the area, some great „nature“ trails have emerged.

Most trails are a good introduction for mountain bikers who want to approach the topic of „single trail biking“. Above all, the „Livio Trail“ and „Easyway“ can be mastered without much single trail experience, but basic driving skills such as metered braking and body displacement are recommended.

We recommend beginners to learn the proper downhill technique at our „Single Trail Basics Course“.

Descriptions of the trails can be found below in the interactive map on the right.